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      I understand that there are two backups running on the Percona PostgreSQL Operator:
      1. Scheduled backups
      2. The Initial backup, upon which continuous archiving is enabled to achieve Point In Time Recover

      I did disable the scheduled backups from the CR, by removing the `backup::schedule`, however I could not find a way to disable the initial backup, along with continuous archiving. My goal is for the `repo` volume to not be created at all, and all backups to be disabled, as well as the `repo-host` Pod.

      I tried the following:
      1. Omit the `backups.pgbackrest`: This failed because `spec.backups` is a required variable
      2. Omit the `backups.pgbackrest.repos`: Failed because it is required variable
      3. Omit the `backups.pgbackrest.repos[0].volume`: Failed with the following error:

          time="2023-08-21T15:52:55Z" level=error msg="unable to calculate config hashes"     PostgresCluster=default/cluster1   controller=postgrescluster controllerGroup=postgres- controllerKind=PostgresCluster  error="found unexpected repo type" file="internal/pgbackrest/util.go:79" func=pgbackrest.CalculateConfigHashes name=cluster1 namespace=default reconcileID=f45047fd-bfd0-4883-bd4f-d583ab6d8736 reconciler=pgBackRest version=

      I haven't found any relevant documentation of why this backup is necessary. I think this is important for clarity, and also, to avoid bumping into things that we do not understand why they happened, and not to know how to fix them.

      Is there any documentation that I have missed for disabling the backups, or explaining why we cannot disable them (i.e., they are a necessity)?

      If not, I am willing to help you by contributing to the documentation, once I have understood the above necessity better.




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