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Updating the spec.sharding.mongos.expose.serviceAnnotations get silently rejected


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      We are trying to update the service annotations of the mongos service by updating the `spec.sharding.mongos.expose.serviceAnnotations` field. However, we found that updating this field has no effect, the operator never updating the annotations of the service no matter what changes are done to the field `spec.sharding.mongos.expose.serviceAnnotations`.

      We later dug into source code and discovered that the annotations are intentionally left out for service objects: https://github.com/percona/percona-server-mongodb-operator/blob/f7c117cf58830a42166c655c0b89249cb730b04a/pkg/controller/perconaservermongodb/psmdb_controller.go#L1693

      We think this behavior is very confusing, since there is no message passed to the users. It would be much better if there is an error message passed to user when they try to change the serviceAnnotations. We suggest to make use of the new validation feature in Kubernetes: https://kubernetes.io/docs/tasks/extend-kubernetes/custom-resources/custom-resource-definitions/#validation-rules to directly reject users input at kubectl level. This feature is alpha is 1.23, and will be beta in 1.25. You can use the CEL expression to express immutability.


      We expected that our changes to the `spec.sharding.mongos.expose.serviceAnnotations` field will be reflected to the mongos service.


      1. Deploy the percona-server-mongodb-operator
      2. Deploy a mongodb cluster instance through some minimum CR, with some initial `spec.sharding.mongos.expose.serviceAnnotations` set
      3. Change the `spec.sharding.mongos.expose.serviceAnnotations` to some new annotation kv pair, and apply the CR
      4. Describe the service and check that the annotation is not updated

      Root cause

      We checked the source code and found that the annotations of service object are intentionally left out.




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