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backups in starting status are marked as error


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      Our demand-backup-sharding test is failing sporadically because backups end up in error status and what is more some of them even finish even though they have error status.

      Looks like this:

      NAME      CLUSTER           STORAGE      DESTINATION                  STATUS   COMPLETED   AGE
      backup1   my-cluster-name   aws-s3       psmdb/2023-01-12T15:41:55Z   ready    87m         87m
      backup2   my-cluster-name   gcp-cs       psmdb/2023-01-12T15:43:01Z   error                87m
      backup3   my-cluster-name   azure-blob   psmdb/2023-01-12T15:42:34Z   error                87m

      backup1 finished, backup3 started and errored and then backup2 errored as well.
      backup3 in this case even finished with PBM, and backup2 was started when backup3 was running with PBM so PBM just ignored it and it was never finished.

      List of backups from PBM:

      Backup snapshots:
        2023-01-12T15:39:08Z <logical> [restore_to_time: 2023-01-12T15:39:14Z]
        2023-01-12T15:39:52Z <logical> [restore_to_time: 2023-01-12T15:40:00Z]
        2023-01-12T15:40:29Z <logical> [restore_to_time: 2023-01-12T15:40:35Z]
        2023-01-12T15:41:55Z <logical> [restore_to_time: 2023-01-12T15:42:01Z]
        2023-01-12T15:42:34Z <logical> [restore_to_time: 2023-01-12T15:43:09Z]

      As you can see two finished.

      What happens is that we have "pbmStartingDeadline" set to 120 seconds (or so we though) and if the backup is in starting state but longer than 120 seconds we mark it as error.
      The problem is we never waited 120 seconds to mark it as error, they were marked almost instantly.




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