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Automation for subscribing PMM Server to the platform


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      User story:

      As an SRE I want a mechanism to automate my PMM fleet deployment and get them subscribed to the Percona Platform so that I don't need to pull/ask for new tokens every time automation runs. These deployments can happen at any time and without human intervention. 

      Acceptance criteria:

      • I have a mechanism to subscribe PMM to PP
      • my automation code/configuration doesn't need any code change or user intervention unless the admin decides to
      • An admin user can take action to stop this, i.e. manually rotating a token.
      • This mechanism is fully documented


      Right now a token can be used but

      • these tokens are for individual users
      • It's valid for only 30 mins
      • if the individual login again it gets rotated

      All these make me impossible to automate deployments without human intervention and without having an admin account in the Percona Platform.

      I recommend having an organization's token without TTL that can be rotated only by admin users.


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