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pmm-admin Logs are not available for exporters, even with default warn level


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      User Impact:

      1) Nothing in pmm-agent logs, even if exporter is failing for some reason, with log level set as warn, end user sees nothing in the pmm-agent logs



      1) Setup 2.29.0 pmm-server

      2) Setup 2.29.0 pmm-client

      3) Try to setup mongo db for monitoring, please remember to use the following parameters, while adding mongodb service (we have a bug on this which is causing exporter to break and hence it was expected to see those errors in the logs)

      Kindly change username password & port as per your setup:

      "pmm-admin add mongodb --port=27019 --agent-password='testing' --password=secret --username=pmm_mongodb --enable-all-collectors --disable-collectors=topmetrics --service-name=mongodb_test_collections_flag --replication-set=rs0"

      4) check pmm-agent logs, journalctl -u pmm-agent.service


      2 Concerns:

      1) Why do we have this in the pmm-agent log? Jul 05 07:13:20 ip-10-178-0-251.us-east-2.compute.internal pmm-agent[11243]: WARN[2022-07-05T07:13:20.243+00:00] Some logging settings (gRPC tracing) can't be changed without restart.

      Does this mean user has to restart pmm-agent? or this is just a warn

      2) When I have error in mongodb exporter, I intentionally added a service, I still don't see any error messages in pmm-agent log, I suppose warn was supposed to include error messages too.



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