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Observed Bugs on New Experimental Home Dashboard


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      Creating this issue to log some of the bugs observed on new Experimental Home Dashboard. 

      User Impact: Unable to rely on the new home dashboard because of the limitations.


      1) The panel about High CPU Servers, is not really readable, it doesn't work on the bigger instances, even for more than 10 such nodes this panel becomes completely unreadable, see the attached image. 

      2) The filters for Environment and Node Name, don't really work well together, as a user my expectation is: If I selected 3 environments, I only expect to see node names from these three environments, but currently the node_name list is not filtered and shows the entire list of nodes.

      3) Time & Range and selection of Node name should be in sync, right now as a user if I selected the time range of the last 6 hours, I only expect to see environments and node names which were being monitored in the last 6 hours, but currently it shows me the list of all historically added nodes even though they have been removed from monitoring 5 days ago, node name & environment filter should respect the timerange from the user

      4) Many panels on the dashboard for example, Monitored services & Monitored nodes etc do not show data for selected filters, they show unfiltered data, for example if I have select only 3 environments I expected to see the summary of Monitored Nodes, Monitored DB instances, Monitored Services based on those three environment, this seems to be like another bug. 




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