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Define flow how we want to promote changes to Portal PMM Dev and Portal PMM Prod


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      In the scope of this ticket is needed to define the flow of populating charts to PMM Portal Dev and PMM Portal Prod.

      For example it could be:

      • User creates the chart on the PMM Portal Dev
      • Github Action pipeline creates PR to the repo where all charts are stored
      • After merging PR new charts are released on PMM Prod.

      Also we should think how we handle case when changes on the PMM Portal Prod and in the github repo are different, where is source of truth.

      As a result should be created doc with diagram which is clearly describes the flow. Keep in mind that charts between Github Repo and PMMs should be in sync always (or almost always) to avoid confusion where is source of truth.


      Please discuss it with roma.novikov  oleksii.mukas dmytro.liakhov 


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