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      Hello PMM team,

      I launched PMM 1.6 from AWS Marketplace and this is what I found:

      1. After setting instance id, I was asked for a new login and password. When I set login and password - login was painted in red, but basic http auth worked.
      2. Graphana showed no default dashboard
      3. I tried to upgrade to 1.8.0 - it gave me "unable to connect to database" error
      4. Finally, I found that password in /root/.my.cnf doesn't work, made a password reset for mysqld.
      5. Upgrade to 1.8.0 worked after this, now I see default Graphana page.
      6. pmm-admin gave me "PMM client is not configured, missing config file. Please make sure you have run 'pmm-admin config'."
      7. Okay, configured pmm-admin. Now it works.
      8. percona-qan-api.service failed. This config doesn't look nice to me

      api.alias = :host
      api.hostname = :host::port = ws://:host::port
      api.base.http = http://:host::port
      api.base.path =
      api.collect.path = /srv/collect_info
      mysql.db = pmm
      mysql.dsn = percona:percona@tcp(localhost:3306)/pmm?parseTime=true&interpolateParams=true&time_zone="%2B00%3A00"&loc=UTC
      stats.env = prod
      stats.rate = 1.0
      statsd.server =

      9. Started another one instance from MarketPlace - all the same.

      It seems your autoconfiguration scripts failed.

      Can you specify what places I need to configure and what docs to use for it?

      Best Regards, Anton

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