Build pmm-agent binary using release Makefile target. See Essentially:

      mkdir -p /tmp/gopath/src/
      cd /tmp/gopath/src/
      git clone .
      export GOPATH=/tmp/gopath
      export PMM_RELEASE_VERSION=2.0.0-pre-0301
      make release

      Get binary from bin/pmm-agent. Of course, it is better to use common building code instead of copy-and-pasting this snippet. In the same time, do not use shared code that uses go get, go build, go install or dep. make release is going to be a common way to build binaries with proper flags and embedded version information across core PMM components (some exporters will be a different story).

      Also, add those exporters (just binaries without any configs or examples is good enough):

      • node_exporter
      • mysqld_exporter
      • mongodb_exporter
      • rds_exporter
      • postgres_exporter
      • proxysql_exporter

      If it is easier to add just binaries – do that. If it is easier to add packages – do that. We will rework that part later when we decide how to build exporters as external products.

      Add single empty file config.yml. Put it into pmm-submodules repository. Install it to <insert proper path there, /usr/local/percona/something> only if this file is not present. Do not replace it or change permissions otherwise.

      Add pmm-agent user for those binaries and config file without any special privileges. We might add special capabilities(7) later, but right now we need nothing.

      Add systemd unit for starting pmm-agent without any arguments. Replace that unit on every install. We will add a single flag --config=<proper config path> later. No sed will be required. (We skip RHEL 6 without systemd for now.)

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