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New mongodb exporter metrics renamer


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      Metrics renamer implementation according to PMM-5556

      In details, it should follow the reaming rules (regex) in de code example: 

      { exp: /^serverStatus/, repl: "ss" },    
      { exp: /^ss\.wiredTiger/, repl: "ss_wt" },    
      { exp: /^ss_wt\.transaction/, repl: "ss_wt_txn" },    
      { exp: /^replSetGetStatus/, repl: "rs" },    
      { exp: /^systemMetrics/, repl: "sys" },    
      { exp: /^local\.oplog\.rs\.stats/, repl: "oplog_stats" },    
      { exp: /^oplog_stats\.wiredTiger/, repl: "oplog_stats_wt" },    
      { exp: /^collStats\.latencyStats/, repl: "collstats_latency" },    
      { exp: /^collStats\.storageStats/, repl: "collstats_storage" },    
      { exp: /^collstats_storage\.wiredTiger/, repl: "collstats_storage_wt" },    
      { exp: /^collstats_storage\.indexDetails/, repl: "collstats_storage_idx" },    
      { exp: /[^a-zA-Z0-9_]+/g, repl: "_" },    
      { exp: /\_$/g, repl: "" }

      For example, all metrics starting with {serverStatus}.<something> should be renamed to {ss}.<something>
      The way to test it is by manually running the metrics gathering command (like collstats or the command we are testing), get the list of metrics and search for the equivalent in the metrics returned by the agent but, there are unit tests, so, we could catch some metrics examples that escaped the rules. 

       Since there is no way to know in advance if a metric is a gauge or a counter, we can only group metrics converting their names to labels if they are in this list:

      var jsNodeToPDMetrics = {
        "replSetGetStatus.members":  {"promDimension": "member_idx"},
        "systemMetrics.disks":       {"promDimension": "device_name"},
        "collStats.storageStats.indexDetails": {"promDimension": "index_name"},
        "serverStatus.asserts": {"promDimension": "assert_type"},
        "serverStatus.connections": {"promDimension": "conn_type"},
        "serverStatus.connections": {"promDimension": "conn_type"},
        "serverStatus.globalLock.currentQueue": {"promDimension": "count_type"},
        "globalLock.activeQueue":  {"promDimension": "count_type"},
        "globalLock.locks": {"promDimension": "lock_type"},
        /*"globalLock.locks.<LOCK_TYPE>.acquireCount":     {"promDimension": "lock_mode"},*/
        /*"globalLock.locks.<LOCK_TYPE>.acquireWaitCount": {"promDimension": "lock_mode"},*/
        /*"globalLock.locks.<LOCK_TYPE>.deadlockCount":    {"promDimension": "lock_mode"},*/
        /*"globalLock.locks.<LOCK_TYPE>.timeAcquiringMicros": {"promDimension": "lock_mode"},*/
        "serverStatus.opLatencies":          {"promDimension": "op_type"},
        "serverStatus.opReadConcernCounters":  {"promDimension": "concern_type"},
        /*Following needs to be tested once reportOpWriteConcernCountersInServerStatus*/
        /*  parameter is set*/
        /*"serverStatus.opWriteConcernCounters": {"promDimension": "cmd_type"},*/
        "serverStatus.opcounters":          {"promDimension": "legacy_op_type"},
        "serverStatus.opcountersRepl":          {"promDimension": "legacy_op_type"},
        "serverStatus.transactions.commitTypes": {"promDimension": "commit_type"},
        "serverStatus.wiredTiger.perf": {"promDimension": "perf_bucket"},
        "serverStatus.wiredTiger.concurrentTransactions": {"promDimension": "txn_rw_type"},
        "serverStatus.metrics.cursor.open": {"promDimension": "csr_type"},
        "serverStatus.metrics.document": {"promDimension": "doc_op_type"},
        "serverStatus.metrics.commands":  {"promDimension": "cmd_name"}

      For example, take these metrics:

              "serverStatus" : {
                  "start" : ISODate("2020-04-21T00:29:18Z"),
                  "host" : "karl-OMEN:17001",
                  "version" : "4.0.17-10",
                  "process" : "mongod",
                  "pid" : NumberLong(10),
                  "uptime" : 34,
                  "uptimeMillis" : NumberLong(34036),
                  "uptimeEstimate" : NumberLong(34),
                  "localTime" : ISODate("2020-04-21T00:29:18Z"),
                  "asserts" : {
                      "regular" : 0,
                      "warning" : 0,
                      "msg" : 0,
                      "user" : 40,
                      "rollovers" : 0

      Following the previous set of rules, metrics under assert will become:
      ss_asserts value: 0 <tag> assert_type=regular
      ss_asserts value 40 <tag> assert_type=user
      All other metrics shouldn't be grouped by using labels.


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