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Query Analytics Dashboard: Search by query substring or dimension (API)


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      The problem: 

      We  need an additional Search filter for the full-text search against  "Dimension" (Query, Server  name, Use, etc  )

      Use cases: 

      • as a PMM User, I need to be able to search by QueryID so that I can easily find query I was working before and saved it's ID 
      • As a PMM User, I need to be able to search by part of Query fingerprint or Service Name or other dimensions together with applied filters so that I can narrow my search in QAN 


      • In addition to selected filters user can search by part of the text in value of Dimension selected for presentation in QAN 
      • User can enter part of Query ID  key when they looking into Query dimension view 

      Out Of Scope

      • UI
      • DOC

      Suggested solution

      • Add extra field `search` to GetMetrics API
      • If dimension is `query` full-text search for query or QueryID
      • Otherwise only Full-text search  by the dimension
      • Search should be case insensitive



      In PMM v1 we had ability to search by query abstract substring, like described in the doc here: https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-monitoring-and-management/qan.html


      In PMM v2 there is no such search bar, and I do not see any ability to filter queries based on some substring / query pattern. PMM v2 documentation still says it's possible to do this: https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-monitoring-and-management/2.x/qan-filtering.html On screenshot there is "Search by Query Abstract, Fingerprint or ID" 


      Was this search field removed intentionally, or this is some bug? This was very useful thing and I can't believe it was removed


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