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PMM2 Oplog Recovery Window dashboard is broken


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      I replaced our PMM 1.17 with PMM 2.10.1 and we started having issues with the oplog recovery window metrics and dashboards. The mongodb_mongod_replset_oplog_tail_timestamp and mongodb_mongod_replset_oplog_head_timestamp metrics are no longer available and the dashboard is still using them in the query resulting in no data. Our develops team looked into the issue and we found two other metrics that initially seemed to have replaced the metrics from PMM1. They are mongodb_oplog_stats_end and mongodb_oplog_stats_start. I replaced them in the queries but the values seem way too low to be the actual oplog range. About 5-10s. We would like to see a fix for this because it is forcing us to downgrade back to PMM1 for our prod env since this is one of the most important metrics we look at in our mongodb prod environment. I have attached screenshots etc. If you need more information don't hesitate to ask.

      Key points:

      • The issue is occurring in the MongoDB Replicaset Summary Dashboard
      • We have tested this behavior in all PMM 2 versions up to 2.12 in our dev environment
      • We are running Mongodb versions 4.0.9 and 4.0.17


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