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DBaaS: Cluster creation progress bar


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      • Show progress bar for various actions initiated by the user. Provide a visual understanding of how many time user need to wait and also provide additional information on what's going wrong.

      User Story: 

      • As a PMM Admin User, I need to be able to see the progress of the DB Cluster changes on UI, so that I can take some actions if something  wrong or just adjust my expectations 
      • As a PMM Admin user, I need to be able to see the error from DB Cluster if something went wrong during DB cluster modification    


      DB cluster list has an additional progress bar for statuses where changes are executed and provide progress has  and a tooltip with text information


      Note: the number of steps for the progress bar needs to be provided by Operator/Kubernetes. To avoid duplication of the logic needed for different actions and different Cluster types 

      Acceptance criteria:  

      • The user sees a progress bar for the following actions:
        • Creation of DB Cluster 
      • the progress on the bar is reflecting the number of steps needed for the action. 
      • The progress bar provides additional information: the number of total and executed steps, as a minimum.


      Ouf of scope:

      • time prediction for the progress bar
      • we are NOT explicitly targeting the "progress bar" for cases when Cluster in modifications process because of some other reasons, not a manual action from UI. (however, it might be covered automatically ) 
      • the name of operation on the Progress bar
      • The user is able to press a link and see in a popup window recent logs related to the cluster it's trying to modify 


      Suggested implementation:


      Example of status to calculate steps:


          "status": {
            "backup": {
              "version": "8.0.14"
            "conditions": [
                "lastTransitionTime": "2020-12-28T13:37:59Z",
                "status": "True",
                "type": "Initializing"
                "lastTransitionTime": "2020-12-28T13:41:25Z",
                "status": "True",
                "type": "Ready"
                "lastTransitionTime": "2020-12-28T13:41:30Z",
                "status": "True",
                "type": "Initializing"
                "lastTransitionTime": "2020-12-28T13:41:41Z",
                "status": "True",
                "type": "Ready"
            "haproxy": {},
            "host": "cluster122-proxysql.default",
            "observedGeneration": 2,
            "pmm": {
              "version": "2.0.0"
            "proxysql": {
              "ready": 1,
              "size": 1,
              "status": "ready",
              "version": "2.0.14"
            "pxc": {
              "image": "percona/percona-xtradb-cluster:8.0.20-11.2",
              "ready": 3,
              "size": 3,
              "status": "ready",
              "version": "8.0.20-11.2"
            "state": "ready"




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