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Add support for using SSL certificates between pmm-admin and monitored MySQL databases



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      User story:

      • As a DBA I need to be able to connect my MySQL service to the PMM specifying TLS options so that PMM can connect and collect metrics

      >pmm-admin add mysql --ssl-ca=....

      Acceptance criteria

      1. user able to specify --ssl-ca flag and it's parameters
      2. user able to specify --ssl-cert flag and it's parameters
      3. user able to specify --ssl-key flag and it's parameters
      4. PMM added to monitoring and collecting metrics and queries

      Out of scope:

      • Adding TLS parameters for Remote instances
      • making TLS flags consistent across all technologies. we'll do this later but we need to come to the same UI


      Suggested implementation:

      • Add new fields required for certificate to add mysql DB API in pmm-managed.
      • Add new fields in DB for Agents Table.
      • Add new flags (mention above) to add mysql CLI commands in pmm-admin.
      • PMM-admin should read body of certificate and send it to pmm-managed.
      • PMM-managed should generate my.cnf from provided certificates.
      • Reload, use this config for all conections by call mysql.RegisterTLSConfig


      How to test:
      See how to test here please: https://jira.percona.com/browse/PMM-7847 


      -ssl-ca: The path name of the Certificate Authority (CA) certificate file. This option, if used, must specify the same certificate used by the server. (-ssl-capath is similar but specifies the path name of a directory of CA certificate files.)

      --ssl-cert: The path name of the client public key certificate file.

      --ssl-key: The path name of the client private key file.

      There is no way to tell pmm-admin to use a particular set of SSL certificates for connecting to the DB. We do have --tls and --tls-skip-verify, but we can't use custom certificates for client connections with these arguments only.

      Additionally, as far as I know, pmm-admin will not try to parse configuration files available (for other options other than user/pass and basic DSN), and try to use the SSL settings from the [client] section.

      For MySQL, for instance, you can find more information on this here:


      and here:


      There is no need to add all variables supported, but at least a basic subset that can allow to have pmm-admin use certificates with a DB.

      PMM v1 used to have something like this for the MongoDB exporter.

      Additionally, we should think of adding these to the "Add Remote Instance" menu within the web UI.


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