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Setting data retention via env on docker run prevents changes in PMM settings


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    • 2.26.0, 2.5.0, 2.14.0, 2.27.0
    • 2.29.0
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    • Running in Docker on Centos

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      Impact on the user:

      • User is unable to change Settings if some other parameters/settings passed over Env. Variables 

      Steps to reproduce:

      1.  start PMM 

      docker run -d -p 80:80 -p 443:443 --volumes-from pmm-puneet-20200417050711-12155-data --name=pmm-puneet-20200417050711-12155-server -e DATA_RETENTION=48h -e DISABLE_TELEMETRY=true perconalab/pmm-server:dev-latest
      Go to  PMM Settings page and change any options, like  Custom resolution  or enable any Feature Toggle 

      Actual result:

      • Error because one of the parameters can't be changed, and other parameters you  expected not saved 

      Expected Result:

      • No changes in parameters specified by Env. variables if they are not changed by the user 
      • no option for the user to change parameters passed by Env. variable  
      • Parameters are not passed by Env. variables and changed - changed successfully  

      Use API calls to change only "not disabled" (not passed by env. variable) parameters 


      Original report:

      Build a PMM2 monitor using the docker image.

      Set 4392h (183 days) of retention using the -e DATA_RETENTION variable in the docker run command

      Attempt to enable the security threat tool generates the error: "Data retention for queries is set via DATA_RETENTION environment variable" and STT is not enabled.

      Data retention shown in the UI accurately reflects that of the set variable and is not being changed.


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