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Specify Custom Basic Auth password for Agents when adding Services


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      User story
      As a PMM user, I want to be able to specify a custom password for accessing metrics from exporters, so that I can simplify additional data collection by external Prometheus

      pmm-admin add ... --agent-password='mypass' ..

      Acceptance criteria

      • User able to specify a custom password for BAsic Auth used to access the metrics endpoint
      • metrics collection for PMM works the same as with the current passwords schema (agent Id)
      • custom password exposed in Inventory UI/API so the user is able to differentiate between custom and standard passwords

      Out of scope:

      • validation for custom password
      • setting a password for HAProxy monitoring or External Services monitoring 

      Suggested implementation:
      1. Add a new flag to all commands in pmm-admin

      2. Extend API

      3. In pmm-managed add migration. Store and select new pass from DB and pass it to pmm-agent

      4. Add tests


      How to test:

      1. Run PMM server.
      2. Run MySQL, ProxySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL.
      3. Add all of them by pmm-admin command add with flag --agent-password which setup new password for endpoint /metrics instead agent ID. User is still pmm.
      4. Check that everyting is working properly.
      5. Check /metrics endpoint for all exporters and log in with new password.



      Should be tested for all services

      UPD. Agent password shouldn't be exposed on UI


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