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Ability to collect Kubernetes cluster metrics


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    • 2.21.0
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       User story:

       As a user, I want to monitor my Kubernetes cluster to be able to see the current status of my cluster.

      UI/UX: designer


      Acceptance criteria  

      • User able to register K8s cluster into PMM  using UI / API
      • User able to see metrics about NODES in K8s cluster  (Autodiscovery? )
      • User able to see Container metrics (Autodiscovery? )

      Out of scope: 

      • K8s Dashboards  
      • Containers and Services are presented on the same dashboards  as bare-metal services and nodes so the user able to see DB  metrics together with Node/container metrics 
      • Adding standard label  for K8s
      • CLI for DBaaS

      Suggested implementation: 

       Run Victoriametrics operator

      1. Setup crds and operator
        1. https://github.com/VictoriaMetrics/operator/blob/master/docs/quick-start.MD#installing-by-manifest
      2. Setup vmagent RBAC
        1. Download and apply https://github.com/VictoriaMetrics/operator/blob/master/config/examples/vmagent_rbac.yaml
      3. Run VMAgent
        1. Download https://github.com/VictoriaMetrics/operator/blob/master/config/examples/vmagent.yaml
        1. Replace `remoteWrite` field with a path to our VM Service
        2. Apply
      1. Apply vmnodescrape to collect node metrics
        1. Download  and apply https://github.com/VictoriaMetrics/operator/blob/master/config/examples/vmnodescrape.yaml
      2. Run vmpodscrape to collect pod metrics
        1. Download  and apply https://github.com/VictoriaMetrics/operator/blob/master/config/examples/vmpodscrape.yaml 
      3. Install one of those dashboards
        1. https://grafana.com/grafana/dashboards/10566
        2. https://grafana.com/grafana/dashboards/315

      How to test: 

      1. Setup public address in settings
      2. register K8s cluster 
      3. check advanced data exploration dashboard for cadvisor related new metrics.





      1. How we will add kubernetes cluster to monitoring?
      2. Is it ok to request PMM public server address to be able to setup monitoring?


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