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PMM Client version is 2.21.0 inside PMM Server after upgrade from 2.16.0


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    • 2.20.0
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      Impact on User:

      Wrong Upgraded version for pmm2-client inside pmm-server. This may lead to possible problems with PMM server monitoring and Remote monitoring.


      We have enabled experimental repo in PMM 2.16 because of this, any update process will update the client version to dev-latest.

      Who was affected?

      Any PMM docker instances based on 2.16 version of PMM.

      If you have updated to 2.16 via the Docker image update then you are impacted.

      If you have updated to 2.16 via the button in UI then you are NOT impacted.


      If you update your PMM via docker image update to 2.17, 2.18, 2.19, 2.20 then the error is not relevant to you. We had this problem only in 2.16 docker image. If you use a different image then you don’t have this problem but we don’t change the image when we use update via UI

      You can check the used image with this command:

      docker ps --filter "name=pmm-server" --format "{{ .Image }}"

      If you didn't update your PMM from UI before 2.20 release (3 Aug) then you don't need to take any manual action.

      But if your PMM instance was updated from 20 Jul to 3 Aug from UI then you need to update your PMM Docker container.

      We have a detailed manual about it: https://www.percona.com/doc/percona-monitoring-and-management/2.x/setting-up/server/docker.html#upgrade 

      Steps to reproduce:

      1) setup pmm2-server 2.16.0 

      2) enable testing repo

      3) Wait for 10 mins, upgrade server using PMM-Server UI upgrade option, let the upgrade finish successfuly

      4) get into the pmm-server docker container, check the version for pmm2-client. 

      docker exec $PMM_SERVER_DOCKER_CONTAINER rpm -qa | grep pmm2-client




      How to test:

      1. Add testing repo
      2. Update PMM from UI
      3. Run rpm -qa | grep pmm2-client
      4. Version should be: 2.20.0



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