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Pagination Reset on QAN after Time Range change doesn't work, results in wrong results


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      With the changes implemented in https://jira.percona.com/browse/PMM-8694 we introduced a regression in existing QAN. 


      Pagination should reset back to 1st Page results when user change the time range, this allows them to see actual results. 

      Currently, this doesn't work, so if the user was on the 10th Page of QAN results and they change the time range, it still stays on the 10th Page and when the selection/time range has no results they see the No results found page and no way to go to page 1. 


      Steps To reproduce:

      1) Open QAN, Dev-latest

      2) Navigate to some page, let's say page 5th of QAN results in an overview 

      3) Change time range to last 15 mins or something, no results found or the pagination still remains on page 5th, while it should have been reset to page 1


      Impact on User: Not changing/resetting the pagination when the user change the time range causes wrong results shown, QAN shows no query found for a certain time range, even though the queries exist. 



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