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[PMM] Force Disconnect PMM from Platform


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      User Impact:
      PMM admin user has not permissions to disconnect pmm from portal which complicates the troubleshooting when connection was done not properly.


      1. Log in to PMM as admin user
      2. Create portal account and organization
      3. Connect pmmPMMto the Platform using personal account credentials

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Login to PMM server as PMM-admin user
      2. Click on the Disconnect button to disconnect PMM from portal

      Actual result:
      Disconnect not allowed for pmm-admin users - Failed to get access token. Please sign in using the Percona account.

      Expected result:
      PMM-admin user has an option for force disconnecting PMM-server from the Platform. This will perform some clean-up for the existing connected PMM and reset the configuration.

      Once a PMM server is connected to the platform with a percona account, we should be careful who is allowed to disconnect the PMM server.  There is currently a technical limitation that the logged-in user must be a percona account.  for clarity we will talk about 2 3 different permissions: 

      • PMM Role (in PMM:  viewer or admin). Physical user. Example: admin/admin  = Admin 
      • Platform Organization Role (in the portal, Org admin, Technical User). Example: [email protected] = Technical User 

       The following two scenarios should allow a user to sever the connection to the platform in order of what is currently capable:

      1. The user currently logged into PMM with a Percona Account with the Platform Org Role of Org Admin: Should be able to disconnect PMM from the Portal.
      2. An administrative override (in the event of being unable to communicate with portal) of PMM Role: Admin should be able to disconnect PMM from Portal. ( this is not currently possible due to the need for a token but we must take into account an organization's inability to get a token but still needing to disconnect.   Need to be done together  with SAAS-899) 


      Any user logged in that does not meet 1, 2 should see a text tip describing who and how to disconnect. "You do not have permission to disconnect from the platform.  You need to be 1) logged in with a Percona Account and 2) your Percona Account must be granted Organization Admin"


      If user uses option (2) - we need to warn them "You need also to disconnect PMM from the Portal at  ...  [LINK to  Portal page ]

      Out of scope:
      Portal disconnect flow


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