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MongoDB Metrics Missing for Services After Upgrade from 2.11.0 -> 2.26.0


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      User Impact: Missing MongoDB service After upgrading pmm-server to 2.26.0.


      1) Setup PMM Server 2.11.0
      2) Setup Client, Add MongoDB for monitoring, in my case, it was a replica set

      3) Check MongoDB dashboards, all metrics hitting, reports working as expected, QAN data appears, wait for 1-2 hour

      4) Upgrade PMM-Server to 2.26.0, after successfully upgrading, open MongoDB dashboards

      Home Dashboard shows a similar error for query with a time range from the previous version of PMM, in my case last 3 hours. 
      5) Go to client node, check exporter end point, check if mongodb is up, all seems to be working. 
      6) Upgrade client to 2.26.0, nothing changes, still, the service is not shown on the dashboard. 
      7) What is more confusing, when you run a metric query for the last 3 hours, you can see some data hitting PMM for mongodb_rs1_2 service

      but when you change the time range to last 15 mins, voila

      The Gap you see in the last 3 hours, that's after the server was upgraded. 

      This could also be a problem with pull mode only. 




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