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Unable to change Percona Account users role in 2.27.0


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      I've connected PMM to portal using my +demo account which is an admin in the portal.  When I login with that user in PMM I correctly come in as a user with the role "viewer".  I log out of that account and back in as 'admin' and change the users role (settings --> users) from "viewer" to "admin", navigate away and back to confirm the changes took (I got a confirmation it was saved but you'll understand why in a moment).  When I log back out from 'admin' and back in with my '+demo' account, I'm reset back to viewer? 

      I believe an admin should be able to escalate the privilege of portal users in PMM and that not be overridden on next login. 

      I did notice in the Server Admin users section I cannot assign my user the 'Server Admin' role as it claims permissions are managed by Oauth provider.  Not sure it's related or even desired behaviour...




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