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LP #1737023: User_var_log_event::User_var_log_event(const char*, uint, const Format_description_log_event*): Assertion `(bytes_read == (data_written - ((old_pre_checksum_fd || (description_event->checksum_alg == BINLOG_CHECKSUM_ALG_OFF)) ? 0 : 4))) || ((



      **Reported in Launchpad by Roel Van de Paar last update 08-12-2017 08:20:29

      1) This looks like a new regression. Never seen before.
      2) The issue is currently only reproducible through a set of scripts prepared & reduced by reducer.sh. Not sure why I cannot get it to replay at the mysql client (yet). Here is the SQL;

      1. mysqld options required for replay: --log-bin
        USE test;
        create temporary TABLE t0(i int);
        set @a=0,@b=0;
        INSERT INTO t0 VALUES(@b);
        show binlog events;

      3) Here is how to use this testcase;

      The attached tarball (1512639429_bug_bundle.tar.gz) gives the testcase as an exact match of our system, including some handy utilities

      $ vi 1512639429_mybase # STEP1: Update the base path in this file (usually the only change required!). If you use a non-binary distribution, please update SOURCE_DIR location also
      $ ./1512639429_init # STEP2: Initializes the data dir
      $ ./1512639429_start # STEP3: Starts mysqld
      $ ./1512639429_cl # STEP4: To check mysqld is up
      $ ./1512639429_run_pquery # STEP5: Run the testcase with the pquery binary
      $ ./1512639429_run # STEP5 ALTERNATIVE: Run the testcase with the mysql CLI (also reproduces the issue on my system)
      $ vi /dev/shm/1512639429/error.log.out # STEP6: Verify the error log
      $ ./1512639429_gdb # OPTIONAL: Brings you to a gdb prompt with gdb attached to the used mysqld and attached to the generated core
      $ ./1512639429_parse_core # OPTIONAL: Creates 1512639429_STD.gdb and 1512639429_FULL.gdb; standard and full variables gdb stack traces

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