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LP #1304470: SEGFAULT with custom plugins >= 5.5.36-rel34.*



      **Reported in Launchpad by Ivan Prisyazhniy last update 21-06-2014 04:21:10


      You will get SEGFAULT in mysqld with any custom plugin you built with default configuration with build-ps/build-binary.sh

      How to repeat?

      I take vagrant ubuntu 12.04.4 - precise
      I take binary release http://www.percona.com/downloads/Percona-Server-5.5/Percona-Server-5.5.36-34.2/binary/debian/precise/x86_64/
      I take sources http://www.percona.com/downloads/Percona-Server-5.5/Percona-Server-5.5.36-34.2/source/tarball/
      I take custom engine plugin (i need sphinx/mysqlse) from http://sphinxsearch.com/files/sphinx-2.1.7-release.tar.gz

      1) Build plugin.

      • place sphinx/mysqlse/* into storage/sphinx/
      • use build-ps/build-binary.sh to do cmake configuration
      • go storage/sphinx/ && make && cp ha_sphinx.so /usr/lib/mysql/plugin/ha_sphinx.so

      2) Install it.

      • mysql -e 'INSTALL PLUGIN sphinx SONAME "ha_sphinx.so"'


      4) Catch SEGFAULT

      Why is it happens?

      Sources have OPTION(WITH_FAST_MUTEXES "" ON) for UNIX in cmake/build_configurations/mysql_release.cmake.
      mysql_release.cmake is used to configure mysql release build system at build-ps/build-binary.sh (see cmake call).
      Someone built and published Percona-Server-5.5.36-34.2 without this option - WITH_FAST_MUTEXES.

      So mysql_mutex_t struct became shorter for 8 bytes, because of pthread_mutex_t not redefined in include/my_pthread.h

      How to fix?

      If you think release builds should not use WITH_FAST_MUTEXES - remove it from your build system configuration!
      If you think this WITH_FAST_MUTEXES must be enabled - rebuild, republish this and check how you are building.

      Anyway, your build scripts and configuration must be in sync, to what you are publishing.

      What to add more?

      Why are you stripping .comment section from binary?
      Where can i found actual version of compiler you use? (mysqlbug good?)

      How to debug?

      gdb -p


      create table ... engine=sphinx
      you will catch segfault
      check in gdb: table.s.LOCK_ha_data, and sizeof (mysql_mutex_t),
      all further fields will be shifted by 8 bytes

      Sample SEGFAULT?

      #0 __memcpy_sse2_unaligned () at ../sysdeps/x86_64/multiarch/memcpy-sse2-unaligned.S:140
      #1 0x00007fc764bb1023 in memcpy (__len=1, __src=0x22, __dest=0x7fc75c008340) at /usr/include/x86_64-linux-gnu/bits/string3.h:51
      #2 sphDup (iLen=<optimized out>, sSrc=0x22 <error: Cannot access memory at address 0x22>) at /home/vagrant/percona-server-5.5.36-34.2/storage/sphinx/ha_sphinx.cc:921
      #3 ParseUrl (share=share@entry=0x7fc7783ac780, table=table@entry=0x7fc7783ac930, bCreate=bCreate@entry=true) at /home/vagrant/percona-server-5.5.36-34.2/storage/sphinx/ha_sphinx.cc:1020
      #4 0x00007fc764bb1440 in ha_sphinx::create (this=<optimized out>, name=0x7fc7783ae720 "./test/sphinx_heroes", table=0x7fc7783ac930) at /home/vagrant/percona-server-5.5.36-34.2/storage/sphinx/ha_sphinx.cc:3328
      #5 0x00007fc77e62810b in ha_create_table(THD*, char const*, char const*, char const*, st_ha_create_information*, bool) ()
      #6 0x00007fc77e5ba319 in rea_create_table(THD*, char const*, char const*, char const*, st_ha_create_information*, List<Create_field>&, unsigned int, st_key*, handler*) ()
      #7 0x00007fc77e59274d in ?? ()
      #8 0x00007fc77e592fcc in mysql_create_table(THD*, TABLE_LIST*, st_ha_create_information*, Alter_info*) ()
      #9 0x00007fc77e536dea in mysql_execute_command(THD*) ()
      #10 0x00007fc77e537d6a in mysql_parse(THD*, char*, unsigned int, Parser_state*) ()
      #11 0x00007fc77e539dea in dispatch_command(enum_server_command, THD*, char*, unsigned int) ()
      #12 0x00007fc77e5cdbca in do_handle_one_connection(THD*) ()
      #13 0x00007fc77e5cdc60 in handle_one_connection ()
      #14 0x00007fc77d7c5182 in start_thread (arg=0x7fc7783b1700) at pthread_create.c:312
      #15 0x00007fc77c26930d in clone () at ../sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/x86_64/clone.S:111

      Sample TABLE_SHARE?

      (gdb) x/70a 0x7fc7783ad200
      0x7fc7783ad200: 0x2 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad210: 0x0 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad220: 0x0 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad230: 0x0 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad240: 0x0 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad250: 0x0 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad260: 0x0 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad270: 0x7fc75c002900 0x7fc75c002d40
      0x7fc7783ad280: 0x0 0x20
      0x7fc7783ad290: 0x3e0 0x100000007
      0x7fc7783ad2a0: 0x7fc77e5b36f0 <sql_alloc_error_handler> 0x1
      0x7fc7783ad2b0: 0x0 0x7fc75c002b50
      0x7fc7783ad2c0: 0x0 0x3
      0x7fc7783ad2d0: 0x0 0x7fc75c002b30
      0x7fc7783ad2e0: 0x0 0x0
      --> start of LOCK_ha_data
      0x7fc7783ad2f0: 0x0 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad300: 0x0 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad310: 0x0 0x0
      --> must end here (without fast mutex)
      0x7fc7783ad320: 0x0 (ends here with fast mutexes) 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad330: 0x0 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad340: 0x7fc75c002b10 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad350: 0x0 0x7fc75c002910
      0x7fc7783ad360: 0x0 0x7fc75c0029d0
      0x7fc7783ad370: 0x7fc75c002b08 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad380: 0x7fc77ef6ac00 <my_charset_utf8_general_ci> 0x7fc75c002c80
      0x7fc7783ad390: 0xfffffff800000003 0x7fc75c002c80
      0x7fc7783ad3a0: 0x0 0x7fc75c011b30
      0x7fc7783ad3b0: 0x0 0x7fc75c011b30
      0x7fc7783ad3c0: 0x4 0x7fc75c0115c0
      0x7fc7783ad3d0: 0xd 0x7fc7783ae720
      0x7fc7783ad3e0: 0x14 0x7fc7783ae720
      0x7fc7783ad3f0: 0x14 0x7fc75c0029a8
      0x7fc7783ad400: 0x22 0x1
      0x7fc7783ad410: 0x0 0x0
      0x7fc7783ad420: 0x0 0x0

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