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LP #1042946: Memory leak on a filtered slave (Valgrind: malloc in Log_event::read_log_event)



      **Reported in Launchpad by Mike Siekkinen last update 26-06-2013 08:40:47

      I have recently been upgrading various MySQL instances to 5.5.25a. I have one specific machine that experiencing a memory leak. I fear this report may lack any actionable meat but here's what I can tell you:

      • The machine that is leaking is replicating an all innodb stream. It has been doing so for years on previous versions with out issue.
      • While there are several databases in the binary logs feeding it, it is only capturing about a dozen specific tables from a single database using Replicate_Do_Table
      • No other Replicate_* options are filled in
      • This machines master also has other slaves that are not using any of the aforementioned filtering and none of them are experiencing this leak.
      • No applications talk to this instance. It's role is just to replicate with log-slave-updates in order to generate a smaller bin log to push over the wire to slaves in remote datacenters
      • It has an innodb_buffer_pool_size of 2200M. On startup it shows memory footprint close to this. Over time top reports a memory footprint growth of about .1G/6 hours. Nagios graphs show this rate is very linear and consistent.
      • I have attempted to kill the replication threads going in and out to see if this might indicate something session related to one of those. This had no effect in freeing any memory. The event scheduler thread is running, however there are no actual events to be run here. Similarly stopping that thread does not free any memory.
      • My only current recourse is the periodically restart the mysql process

      Please let me know if there's anything else that would be of use to actually track down the root cause of this bug.




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