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PS80 Post-installation Document correction


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    • 8.0.32-24 (Q1 2023)
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      PS80 Post-installation : https://docs.percona.com/percona-server/8.0/installation/post-installation.html#configure-the-server-to-start-at-startup

      The "Task / Description" table does not match the "On this page" as well as the contents :

      On "Task / Description" table, section "Secure the installation" is missing.

      On "On this page", the duplicate  "Testing the server " section should be replace by "Start the server" and the "Update the root password" is also missing. Please refer to 5.7 documentation as a guide. https://docs.percona.com/percona-server/5.7/installation/post-installation.html#updating-the-root-password


      Task Description
      Initialize the data directory The source distribution or generic binary distribution installation does not automatically initialize the data directory
      Update the root password The CentOS/RedHat installations set up a temporary root password.
      Start the server Common method to start the server and check the status
      Configure the server to start on startup Use systemd to start the server automatically
      Testing the server Verify the server returns information
      Enable time zone recognition Populate the time zone tables


      On this page

      • [ Initializing the data directory |https://docs.percona.com/percona-server/8.0/installation/post-installation.html#initializing-the-data-directory]
      • [ Secure the installation |https://docs.percona.com/percona-server/8.0/installation/post-installation.html#secure-the-installation]
      • [ Testing the server |https://docs.percona.com/percona-server/8.0/installation/post-installation.html#testing-the-server]
      • [ Configure the server to start at startup |https://docs.percona.com/percona-server/8.0/installation/post-installation.html#configure-the-server-to-start-at-startup]
      • [ Test the server |https://docs.percona.com/percona-server/8.0/installation/post-installation.html#test-the-server]
      • [ Populate the time zone tables |https://docs.percona.com/percona-server/8.0/installation/post-installation.html#populate-the-time-zone-tables]






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