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Document group_replication_xcom_ssl_socket_timeout and group_replication_xcom_ssl_accept_retries


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    • 8.0.34-26 (Q3 2023)
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      We introduced two new server variables, group_replication_xcom_ssl_socket_timeout and group_replication_xcom_ssl_accept_retries as part of PS-8592 that will be released in 8.0.34. Both these new variables need to be documented in https://docs.percona.com/percona-server/8.0/replication/group-replication-system-variables.html


      Description about these variable is as follows


          1. group_replication_xcom_ssl_socket_timeout
             It is a file-descriptor level timeout in seconds for both accept() and
             SSL_accept() calls when group replication is listening on the xcom port.
             When set to a valid value, say for example 5 seconds, both accept() and
             SSL_accept() return after 5 seconds. The default value has been set to 0
             (waits infinitely) for backward compatibility. This variable is effective
             only when GR is configred with SSL.
          2. group_replication_xcom_ssl_accept_retries
             It defines the number of retries to be performed before closing the socket.
             For each retry the server thread calls SSL_accept()  with timeout defined by
             the group_replication_xcom_ssl_socket_timeout for the SSL handshake process
             once the connection has been accepted by the first accept() call. The
             default value has been set to 10. This variable is effective only when GR is
             configred with SSL.
         Both of the above variables are dynamically configurable, but will become
         effective only on START GROUP_REPLICATION.




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