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      If you already have a monitor user on your PXC, proxysql-admin is not testing if the credentials you have in your file or the credentials you type in are correct, which leads to the tool not working properly:

      [root@marcelo-altmann-232088-proxysql-1 ~]# proxysql-admin --config-file=/etc/proxysql-admin.cnf --enable
      This script will assist with configuring ProxySQL (currently only Percona XtraDB cluster in combination with ProxySQL is supported)
      ProxySQL read/write configuration mode is loadbal
      Configuring ProxySQL monitoring user..
      ProxySQL monitor username as per command line/config-file is monitor
      The monitoring user is already present in Percona XtraDB Cluster. Would you like to proceed with the existing username and password [y/n] ? y
      Please enter the password you have assigned to monitoring user 'monitor':
      Configuring the Percona XtraDB Cluster application user to connect through ProxySQL
      Percona XtraDB Cluster application username as per command line/config-file is proxysql_user
      Application user 'proxysql_user'@'172.%' already present in Percona XtraDB Cluster.
      Adding the Percona XtraDB Cluster server nodes to ProxySQL
      ProxySQL configuration completed!
      ProxySQL has been successfully configured to use with Percona XtraDB Cluster
      You can use the following login credentials to connect your application through ProxySQL
      mysql --user=proxysql_user -p  --host=localhost --port=6033 --protocol=tcp
      [root@marcelo-altmann-232088-proxysql-1 ~]# mysql -u admin -padmin -h -P6032 -e "SELECT * FROM mysql_server_connect_log  ORDER BY time_start_us DESC LIMIT 1"
      mysql: [Warning] Using a password on the command line interface can be insecure.
      | hostname    | port | time_start_us    | connect_success_time_us | connect_error                                                                                 |
      | | 3306 | 1532034184763718 | 0                       | Access denied for user 'monitor'@'marcelo-altmann-232088-proxysql-1.lxd' (using password: NO) |

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