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LP #1642468: pt-table-checksum checksum tablename extra characters


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      **Reported in Launchpad by Peter McLarty last update 16-12-2016 21:41:34

      When I run pt-table-checksum with the following parameters

      pt-table-checksum --replicate=percona.checksums --ignore-databases mysql,sys --no-check-binlog-format --user=ptuser --password=<pwd> -hmasterhostname

      The table in the percona schema is getting created with a wrong name. This is a new as I have used pt-table-checksum with these servers and these databases for some time.
      The process creates a table percona.`checksums `. Yes the A and an empty character, it doesn't appear to be a space as typing a space into a commandline sql statement won't find the table

      The server is running binlog_format = 'MIXED';

      Server is Redhat 6.6
      MariaDB 10.1.13
      Percona tools 2.2.19

      Tool appears to go about its business checksumming

      I have built a master slave test case on an AWS environment using two RedHat 6.5 AMI's I installed the same version of tools and database and employee database and set up replication

      The odd characters are there. I then upgraded the entire stack to Redhat 6.8 and MariaDB to 10.1.19 and still saw the problem.

      When I rename the table pt-table-sync cannot find the odd name table and needs to be renamed.




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