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LP #851979: description is misleading


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      **Reported in Launchpad by Sheeri K. Cabral last update 16-09-2011 21:18:47

      The project homepage says "This project and the majority of its code was forked from Maatkit (http://www.maatkit.org) in June 2011."

      There are 2 things wrong here - first, it says it was forked, and 2nd, the date says June 2011.

      According to:

      Baron himself says on July 6th that it's a "plan".... "We plan to create a Percona Toolkit". The launchpad page for the Percona Toolkit was registered June 4th, which is planning ahead.

      Hrm....https://launchpad.net/percona-toolkit/+series shows that the first fork of maatkit was July 1st, 2011. Which is sadly before Baron's mailing list post, which means that was misleading to begin with. I would hope for more integrity than that. Regardless, July 1st is NOT June. I cannot find a source that verifies the code was forked in June 2011, and many that state or suggest July 2011.

      Back to the first issue, and this is a bigger issue, but also deals with integrity. Saying "it's forked" is misleading, because Baron and Daniel are abandoning maatkit and aspersa in favor of Percona Toolkit as per:

      Please stop the misleading propaganda and lies. Aspersa and Maatkit are abandoned, taken over by the Percona Toolkit.

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