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LP #1153722: 5.5.28 with mysqlnd does not return data when concat'ing a prepared field


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      **Reported in Launchpad by Zach Gardner last update 14-05-2013 10:47:55

      We are using Percona XtraDB Cluster 5.5.28 as a standalone instance. Using mysqlnd installed on PHP-FPM 5.3.21, we are seeing that using a concat that has a string prepared statement parameter is not returning any data when concat'ing with an integer.

      In the example code provided, we try to join table_a with table_b when a.field2 is of the form CONCAT("test:", b.autoinc). This works if "test:" is explicitly provided, but not when we use a prepared variable as it's placeholder. No rows are returned in the case of a placeholder.

      This issue only seems to happen when we use mysqlnd with Percona XtraDB 5.5. When we do mysqlnd to MySQL 5.5, it works. When we do non-mysqlnd to Percona XtraDB 5.5, it works. If we use the normal mysql functions, it works. If we use mysqli without using a prepared query, it works. It's just when using mysqli prepared queries on Percona XtraDB 5.5.28 with mysqlnd that the issue happens.

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