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Fully merge mysqld_exporter with upstream



      In PMM-1606 we merged upstream's master branch which should become v0.11 soon. We do not expect much changed between the current state and released version. Still, we need to merge with released version when it is available.
      2) Merge upstream - 8SP - 15SP


      Option 2 has sense only if we will update it in some interval to dont get exporter outdated again, othervise we running in the circle.


      List of changes, bugfixes between our and upstream version:

      0.14.0 / 2022-01-05 


      Metric names in the info_schema.processlist collector have been changed. #603
      Metric names in the info_schema.replica_host collector have been changed. #496

      • [CHANGE] Rewrite processlist collector #603
      • [FEATURE] Add collector for replica_host_status #496
      • [ENHANCEMENT] Expose dates as timestamps grom GLOBAL STATUS #561
      • [BUGFIX] Fix mysql_slave_hosts_info for mysql 5.5 and mariadb 10.5 #577
      • [BUGFIX] Fix logging issues #562 #602

        0.13.0 / 2021-05-18


      Changes related to replication_group_member_stats collector:

      • metric "transaction_in_queue" was Counter instead of Gauge
      • renamed 3 metrics starting with mysql_perf_schema_transaction_ to start with mysql_perf_schema_transactions_ to be consistent with column names
      • exposing only server's own stats by matching MEMBER_ID with @@server_uuid resulting "member_id" label to be dropped.


      • [CHANGE] Switch to go-kit for logs. #433
      • [FEATURE] Add tls.insecure-skip-verify flag to ignore tls verification errors #417
      • [FEATURE] Add collector for AWS Aurora information_schema.replica_host_status #435
      • [FEATURE] Add collector for replication_group_members #459
      • [FEATURE] Add new metrics to replication_group_member_stats collector to support MySQL 8.x. #462
      • [FEATURE] Add collector for performance_schema.memory_summary_global_by_event_name #515
      • [FEATURE] Support authenticating using mTLS client cert and no password #539
      • [FEATURE] Add TLS and basic authentication #522
      • [ENHANCEMENT] Support heartbeats in UTC #471
      • [ENHANCEMENT] Improve parsing of boolean strings #548
      • [BUGFIX] Fix binlog metrics on mysql 8.x #419
      • [BUGFIX] Fix output value of wsrep_cluster_status #473
      • [BUGFIX] Fix collect.info_schema.innodb_metrics for new field names (mariadb 10.5+) #494
      • [BUGFIX] Fix log output of collect[] params #505
      • [BUGFIX] Fix collect.info_schema.innodb_tablespaces for new table names #516
      • [BUGFIX] Fix innodb_metrics for mariadb 10.5+ #523
      • [BUGFIX] Allow perf_schema.memory summary current_bytes to be negative #517

        0.12.0 / 2019-07-10

        https://github.com/prometheus/mysqld_exporter/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#breaking-changes-2BREAKING CHANGES:

      The minimum supported MySQL version is now 5.5.

      Collector info_schema.tables is now disabled by default due to high cardinality danger.


      • [CHANGE] Update defaults for MySQL 5.5 #318
      • [CHANGE] Update innodb buffer pool mappings #369
      • [CHANGE] Disable info_schema.tables collector by default #406
      • [BUGFIX] Sanitize metric names in global variables #307
      • [BUGFIX] Use GLOBAL to prevent mysql deadlock #336
      • [BUGFIX] Clear last_scrape_error on every scrape (PR #368) #367
      • [ENHANCEMENT] Add help for some GLOBAL VARIABLES metrics. #326
      • [FEATURE] Abort on timeout. #323
      • [FEATURE] Add minimal MySQL version to Scraper interface #328
      • [FEATURE] Add by_user and by_host metrics to info_schema.processlist collector (PR #333) #334
      • [FEATURE] Add wsrep_evs_repl_latency metric collecting. (PR #338)
      • [FEATURE] Add collector for mysql.user (PR #341)
      • [FEATURE] Add perf_schema.eventsstatementssum collector #347
      • [FEATURE] Add collector to get table stats grouped by schema (PR #354)
      • [FEATURE] Add replication_applier_status_by_worker metric collecting. (PR #366)

      https://github.com/prometheus/mysqld_exporter/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#0110--2018-06-290.11.0 / 2018-06-29

      https://github.com/prometheus/mysqld_exporter/blob/master/CHANGELOG.md#breaking-changes-3BREAKING CHANGES:

      • Flags now use the Kingpin library, and require double-dashes. #222

      This also changes the behavior of boolean flags.

      • Enable: --collect.global_status
      • Disable: --no-collect.global_status


      • [CHANGE] Limit number and lifetime of connections #208
      • [ENHANCEMENT] Move session params to DSN #259
      • [ENHANCEMENT] Use native DB.Ping() instead of self-written implementation #210
      • [FEATURE] Add collector duration metrics #197
      • [FEATURE] Add 'collect[]' URL parameter to filter enabled collectors #235
      • [FEATURE] Set a lock_wait_timeout on the MySQL connection #252
      • [FEATURE] Set last_scrape_error when an error occurs #237
      • [FEATURE] Collect metrics from performance_schema.replication_group_member_stats #271
      • [FEATURE] Add innodb compression statistic #275
      • [FEATURE] Add metrics for the output of SHOW SLAVE HOSTS #279
      • [FEATURE] Support custom CA truststore and client SSL keypair. #255
      • [BUGFIX] Fix perfEventsStatementsQuery #213
      • [BUGFIX] Fix file_instances metric collector #205
      • [BUGFIX] Fix prefix removal in perf_schema_file_instances #257
      • [BUGFIX] Fix 32bit compile issue #273
      • [BUGFIX] Ignore boolean keys in my.cnf. #283


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