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Update ClickHouse to version -stable



    • Type: Improvement
    • Status: Open
    • Priority: Medium
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • Affects Version/s: 2.2.1
    • Fix Version/s: None
    • Component/s: PMM Server
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      Now is used version




        • Fixed a bug that prevented attaching Materialized Views to system tables
          Fixed incorrect behavior of if function with NULLs
          Fixed segfaults in rare cases
          Fixed a bug that prevented predicate pushdown for queries using WITH clause
          Fixed SIGSEGV in Kafka engine when broker is unavailable
          Fixed a bug leading to ‘block structure mismatch’ error for queries with UNION and JOIN
          Fixed TTL processing logic to process all partitions in one run
          Fixed a bug of parsing of row policies from configuration files that could result in missing policies sometimes
          Fixed a bug with ALTER TABLE UPDATE could produce incorrect results when updating Nullable columns
          Fixed a bug with codecs not working properly for MergeTree compact parts
          There were few performance improvements as well:

      Server startup time has been reduced by parsing metadata in parallel
      Improved performance of primary key analysis for LowCardinality columns. That was a performance regression introduced in 20.3
      Improved performance of queries with large tuples and tuples used in primary key

      Dictionary DDLs that many ClickHouse users dreamed of! See the “Clickhouse Dictionaries: Reloaded!” article that highlights this feature.

      New DateTime64 datatype with configurable precision up to nanoseconds. The feature is in beta state and more functions for usability will follow in next releases. It has also been developed by Altinity.

      Joins have been improved a lot, including SEMI/ANTI JOIN, experimental merge join and other changes. See the join_algorithm setting below for more info on merge joins.

      A new compact format for MergeTree tables that store all columns in one file. It improves performance of small inserts. The usual format where every column is stored separately is now called “wide.” Compact format is disabled by default. See the min_bytes_for_wide_part and min_rows_for_wide_part settings.

      A built-in Prometheus exporter endpoint for ClickHouse monitoring statistics

      Porting some functionality of the H3 library — A Hexagonal Hierarchical Geospatial Indexing System

      ALTER MODIFY/DROP are currently implemented as mutations for ReplicatedMergeTree* engine family. Now ALTER commands block only at the metadata update stage, and don’t block after that.

      Import/export gzip-compressed files directly for file based storage engines and table functions: File, URL, HDFS and S3.

        • Fixed a bug with non-Date/DateTime columns not being allowed in TTL expressions
          Fixed a bug in which the boolean functions ‘or’ and ‘and’ might return incorrect results when called on more than 10 arguments if some of them are NULL
          Fixed a possible race condition between insert quorum and drop partition
        • bug fixes
      • The most notable fixes are in
        • Fixed security vulnerability in url() function
          Fixed security vulnerability related to Zookeeper
          Fixed vulnerabilities in compression codecs
          Fixed corner case overflows in DoubleDelta codec



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