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Cannot add remote MySQL instance due to Connection check failed


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      As suggested in my forum post, I'm reporting this as a bug.

      On a fresh PMM 2.6.1 installation I'm not able to add a remote MySQL instance, because of connection check failures. I've followed the procedure for running PMM server via Docker and I have set up a user on the MySQL server instance as described in Creating a MySQL User Account to Be Used with PMM. My Docker host is a fully updated CentOS 8.1 virtual machine and my MySQL server instance is on a physical machine in the same network segment. I have access from the virtual machine to the MySQL sever with pmm's user and password. From within the container I have ping to the MySQL server instance. However, when adding new remote MySQL instance I'm getting either of the following errors:

      • Connection check failed: dial tcp i/o timeout.
      • Connection check failed: dial tcp connect: no route to host.

      So far I have ensured that there is connection to the MySQL instance from the host where docker runs and dedicated pmm user could log in. I noticed that if I run the container with --network=host option there are no errors when adding the same MySQL instance.




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